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Sterling offers Resident Care Aides Services that includes Resident Care Aides who are formally trained by a recognized RCA program and registered with the BC Registry of Resident Care Aides.

Our Resident Care Aides work in teams with a team leader who is usually the LPN.  Our RCAs provide care to each assigned resident in accordance with the residents individualized care plan. They are responsible for providing Exceptional Care related to the serving or feeding at meal time, bathing the residents, careful transfers according to assessment by the Occupational Therapist or physician.
In addition, RCAs perform all the personal care, dress and groom as needed employing universal precautions, make beds and ensure each room is safe, tidy and clean at all times. They ensure that each resident feels safe, respected and is treated with dignity and respect while being a constant encouragement to each resident to participate in daily activities to alleviate boredom and maximize each resident’s quality of life.

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