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Sterling offers Social Work Services that includes qualified Social Workers who have achieved a Bachelor or Masters in Social Work from a recognized university and are registered with the BC Board of Registration of Social Workers.

Our Social Work Services includes a wide range of counseling to residents and families in adjusting to the social, emotional and environmental consequences of continuing care residency. This may include crisis and grief/loss counseling to families and staff, advice about financial resources, information about the illness and its social and emotional and environmental impact on the resident and families.

Our team of social workers provide ongoing information about the care, safety and support needs of the resident.  They provide referrals if required to other resources such as spiritual counseling, Veteran’s Affairs, Public Trustee, etc. Each social worker actively participates in the resident’s care from admission to discharge and in all resident’s care conferences.   In addition, our team of social workers are trained to be sensitive to the needs of all who work and live in the facility and they are skilled problem-solvers adept at communicating between family members, residents and team members.

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