Sterling Health Services
Sterling Health Services
Facility Staff

Sterling’s strength lies in its staff and its teamwork, as they go the extra mile to create a home-like environment.

We provide you with Nurses, Resident Care Aides, Assisted Living Workers, Housekeeping staff, Food Services staff, Activity Workers, Rehabilitation Assistants, and Social Workers. Our experienced staff is handpicked and we provide ongoing additional education, staff training and development that best supplement their experience. We actively engage others in gathering best practice ideas from staff, managers, facility representatives, residents, family members and other facilities.

Based on these principles, Sterling has created training programs that improve the lives of our residents. Through our college we implemented Resident Care Aide, Nursing and Medical English Programs to improve service quality. These programs continue to add value to any facility’s operation and resident experience.

We place people first in all we do.

To that end, a respectful environment is promoted for everyone in our facilities. Recognition of the special talents and performance among our staff is vital to promoting quality care on a daily basis.  This helps to improve the lives of our residents and makes their home a happy, healthy, and safe place to live.

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