Sterling Health Services
Sterling Health Services
Our Story

Sterling Health Services Corp was established in 2003 to provide quality and cost efficient nursing, care and support services to seniors in long term care facilities.

Sterling Health Services Corp is a registered company with the Federal and Provincial governments and it has operated with the support of several health authorities: Fraser Health Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Vancouver Island Health Authority and Northern Health Authority.

Sterling has over 350 employees, of which 70 are nurses providing services to over 250 long term care residents living in complex care and assisted living facilities. The majority of our employees are long-term employees that have contributed to Sterling’s ongoing reputation and success as a company.  All of our employees take pride in their performance and in delivering quality work to every facility and to the residents they serve.

Sterling’s Values
Sterling strives to meet or exceed the needs of our facility clients. We take pride in working with your managers to achieve Exceptional Care.

Our main priority is to support and encourage our staff and facility managers to work cooperatively and to think outside the box. Team problem-solving is a priority and all of our managers are encouraged to put aside barriers in their thinking, and to pursue a fluid, seamless approach to the delivery of quality resident care in our constant pursuit to deliver Exceptional Care in all of the facilities we serve.

Sterling strongly values team work, listening and learning from each other for both professional and personal growth.  Because we encourage and support the ongoing education and training of our employees, our retention is high among our employees and this contributes to our success in providing our facility clients with experienced and dedicated teams.

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